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For a Smoother Taste

Back in 2014, I went to a Jewish community in Australia and a friend from that Jewish community offered me a taste of their homemade Vodka. 

The biggest drawback of drinking Vodka is the morning hangover and that is the case with all alcoholic beverages.  

I was impressed by how smooth and pure it was, and I also found out that one of their traditions is that their Vodka needs to be kosher. This means that it needs to meet very rigorous standards to be approved within the community. 

It was at this point that I conducted massive research in several countries to ensure that I could come up with the perfect formula for those who appreciate the value of quality Vodka. 

The result is Peters Organic Vodka

Peters Organic Vodka

Organic Vodka Produced in the New Forest, South East of England


Peters Organic Vodka is an unadulterated vodka made entirely of organic ingredients and the purest natural spring water. Created by vodka connoisseurs with a real passion for the drink, we decided to create our own brand because we felt many vodkas are lacking that special flavour.

We aim to solve that with a careful manual production process that avoids the mass production of most brands. Each bottle of Peters Organic Vodka undergoes a special rectification process to deliver a smoother, refined flavour that is free from any residual aftertastes.

We are a small, eco friendly British based business and produce all of our vodka right here in the New Forest. 

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Why Peters Organic Vodka Is Special

Peters Organic Vodka. Smooth organic vodka made in Britain 1

It’s Smoother

Peters Organic Vodka is made, like most vodkas with a wheatgrain spirit. However, our special rectification means that we achieve a much more palatable taste. It’s so good that you won’t have to add any mixers, you’ll be able to enjoy Peters Organic Vodka neat or on the rocks.

Peters Organic Vodka. Smooth organic vodka made in Britain 2

It’s Organic

We use natural, organic ingredients when we create our special vodka. Our rectification process means that production has to be controlled manually, making mass production impossible. This also reduces our carbon footprint.

Peters Organic Vodka. Smooth organic vodka made in Britain 3

It’s Made in Britain

We are a small, local business and we are passionate about keeping production in the UK and supporting other British producers, factories and local communities.









Peters Organic Vodka is made from wheat grain spirits.

Vodka Distiller selling Organic Vodka and Pure Vodka

How We Make Peters Organic Vodka

Peters Organic Vodka is made by blending organic ingredients with pure, natural spring water. At the wheatgrain stage however our vodka undergoes a unique rectification (purification) process which removes 99% of fusel oils, aldehydes and any other toxic by-products. Some of our drinkers have even remarked that because we have a purer vodka, they didn’t get any hangovers the next day! The way we produce our vodka means that we cannot produce high levels of numbers, but it does mean we can achieve a unique, smooth taste you won’t find anywhere else.

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