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Peters Organic Vodka is an unadulterated vodka made from organic ingredients and pure, natural spring water. Crafted by vodka connoisseurs with a real passion for the drink.

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Organic Vodka Born & Bred In England's South East

Peters Organic Vodka is an unadulterated vodka made entirely of organic ingredients and the purest natural spring water. Created by vodka connoisseurs with a real passion for the drink. We are a small, eco-friendly British business producing all of our vodka right here in the New Forest of South East England.

Our careful manual production process truly gives our vodka that special flavour lacking in most mass produced brands. Each bottle of Peters Organic Vodka undergoes a special rectification process to deliver a smoother, more refined flavour that is free from any residual aftertastes.

Our vodka is the result of zealous dedication to perfecting a time honoured drink, and it is perfect for those who appreciate the value of quality Vodka.

What makes Peters Organic Vodka special?

It's Smoother

Our vodka is made with a wheatgrain spirit, using special methods of rectification to achieve a more clean and palatable taste. Our rectification process removes 99% of fusel oils, aldehydes and any other toxic by-products.

It's Organic

We use natural, organic ingredients in the making of Peters Organic Vodka. Our manual rectification process means we can only produce it in lovingly crafted batches. Since mass production is not a part of the way we work, our carbon footprint is smaller than other vodka distillers.

It's Made in Britain

We are a small, passionate local business and we want to keep production of Peters Organic Vodka here in the UK, supporting other British producers, factories and local communities.

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