Why We Created Peters Organic Vodka

We love vodka. We love it so much that over the years we’ve tried hundreds of flavours, types and brands. However, we had yet to come across a vodka with the kind of flavour and quality that we'd been searching for. We felt that we could do it better, so we resolved to do something about it.

Back in 2014, we visited a friend living in a Jewish community in Australia who gave us a taste of their homemade vodka. Impressed by how smooth and pure it was, we began researching the vodka production methods of numerous countries to hone our own unique formula and methodology. We discovered that it was at the rectification stage where we could make some real changes to how our vodka tasted.

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How We Make Peters Organic Vodka

Peters Organic Vodka is made by blending organic ingredients with pure, natural spring water. At the wheatgrain stage however, our vodka undergoes a unique rectification (purification) process which removes 99% of fusel oils, aldehydes and any other toxic by-products which have accumulated during production. Some of our drinkers have even remarked that because we have a purer vodka, they didn’t get any hangovers the next day!

Our organic vodka is lovingly hand crafted in small batches. Although this prevents us from being able to mass produce our vodka, it means that we have full control of our vodka and allows us to guarantee high quality and a smooth taste you won’t find anywhere else in every bottle of Peters Organic Vodka.

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Why Try Peters Organic Vodka

Organic & Eco-Friendly

We use natural, organic ingredients when we create our vodka. Our special rectification process makes mass production impossible. This means that our carbon footprint is smaller than bigger brands.

Smooth & Palatable

Vodka shouldn’t be a spirit that you have to combine with a mixer. Peters Organic Vodka doesn't leave the bitter after taste associated with vodkas of lesser quality. It's so smooth and palatable that it can be enjoyed neat, or on the rocks.


Made in Britain

We are a small, local business based in the New Forest in South East England. Every bottle of Peters Organic Vodka is produced in our eco-friendly factory using organic and natural ingredients. Most importantly, it is the taste of Peters Organic Vodka which really sets us apart.


Research has shown that moderate drinking can aid your metabolism and strengthen your body. Our goal is to create a drink that you can enjoy without any of the naturally occurring downsides.

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